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Ryze Ultimate Trampoline - Park Phase 1

Ryze logo


Quarry Bay, Hong Kong


24,000 sq.ft.


Commercial Lease

"Mr. Chan delivered results for us in a monumental and frankly unexpected manner. He located and secured for us a site that has proven to be far beyond our expectations. Not only were our unique specifications met, but the site is in an incredibly good location and at a very reasonable rent."

Erik Haugen

Legal Counsel



Ryze Trampoline Park is a chain of trampoline park operated in Europe and Asia and owned by Circus Trix in Utah. Minimum ceiling requirement for the trampoline park is height of 19ft, and open layout for as many features as possible.

Solution & Outcome

  • With tight building usage restrictions and traditionally lower ceiling height in Hong Kong, it was deemed to be a near impossible task.

  • We conducted lengthly site research and survey, we were able to locate a perfect match on building and location requirement.

  • Ryze was able to open up Asia's first trampoline park in Hong Kong and later on Guangzhou, China

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